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Having just collected and tried on the items you altered for me I wanted to thank you I was a little worried initially as all designer clothes however this was misplaced as they are perfect. Thank you so much it's like having a new wardrobe. Having bad experiences in the past with other alteration companies I would definitely highly recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again beautiful job.


*sniffles* ok, pass the kleenex over *sniffles some more*cassie, i'm so proud of you. And there's many a time i wish you were my actaul in-house daughter, you are so wonderful in so many ways, and so brave, and so talented, and so willing to take emotional risks that lead to true growth and maturity. But it's a privilege to be one of your internet aunties :kisses: :love: and on a related note, i was musing on the way down to wisconsin and back how the love of so many wonderful women has nurtured and supported me through the years. Starting with my mom, though i didn't appreciate it for years, and especially my dad's mom, my beloved grandma who lived next door and always gave me unconditional love and acceptance and gave me the seed of love in my heart that helped me survive a childhood in an alcoholic family system. And all her sisters who loved me dearly, and my mom's sister, who is the Best Auntie in the Universe.


Hi Agnes, just to say what an amazing job you did re-making my skirts ! I'm really thrilled with them - and getting some nice compliments too - so I'm spreading the word on the street about you and sendin you a BIG THANK YOU


GREAT EXPECTATIONS is what we had. GREAT ALTERATIONS is what we got ! Thanks for all the care you took. We can see you take pride in your work. They all now fit perfectly - THANKS

Mel C

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